1. What’s the amount of money I can earn?

Your revenues lie in the number of players you can attract to your account. Also, it depends very much on how much they play, meaning the amount of money they are willing to spend. You can have few players, who invest large sums. Or you can have a greater number of players, which spend lesser. The amounts may be almost equal in both situations, but the income can be steadier in the case you have more players, even if the sums they play are not that significant. You can make a considerable about of money, or you can make enough to improve your financial situation anyhow. In the end, it is up to you to influence the money you can make, by finding a way to sell and advertise the services you offer through your account.

2. Is betting legal in my region?

Since it is an online service, being available for everyone, all over the world, it is impossible to know all the regulations worldwide. Thus, to be sure you are doing everything right, you are responsible for finding out what are the regulations, taxation’s and other rules regarding this activity. After you do a thorough research on this topic, you will know how to adjust it to be able to unroll it safely and by respecting the laws in your region. Also, after finding out the local rules and legislation in the matter, you can address us any question or ask for our support regarding your Bookie business. We will find the best solution in your case, considering the information you provide us.

3. Where can I start my business?

There is no limit regarding the area where you can start your Bookie business. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection. Once you got those, you can work from anywhere, anytime. The entire set of operation is done online, on your account so that you can enjoy full mobility and flexibility. The only aspect you must be sure about is the age of your customers. You must check them and deny access to betting to anyone that is under the age of 18.

4. Is it possible to run more than one account?

Yes, this possibility might exist, but it may depend on the reasons you wish to have multiple accounts. You should also know that we do not allow any spec, or any other kinds of forbidden method, between different types of accounts. So you must be fully aware of our terms and conditions for using the accounts we provide.